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Our company provides services in the plastic raw material and plastic profile (roller blind lath, plastic case, plastic frame and other mechanisms) sector.
Pensa, in 1989, was founded in Istanbul in order for production of PVC window and door profiles. Pensa set out with the concept of high-quality production and make that through German high-tech engineered machines. Pensa, with its profile products which considering all the climatic conditions, has been exporting to many parts of the world; from South America to Asia, to Europe and Australia. Pensa which performs quality control at every stage of production, has a specialized staff from consignor to engineer by organizing in-service training. Pensa emphasis on esthetics as well as quality in products, with its rich profile types and color choices, it has been an indispensable choice for precious architects, engineers and designers.
Gurmen PVC Plastik Insaat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., was established in June 2002 in Izmir Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone in order to produce PVC door and window profile. Subsequently, started to R&D efforts and in order to create a source for these works, many domestic and foreign companies pvc profile designs of were analyzed. After these analyzing, the details were prepared and completed the series PRO6004 and PROSLIDE-84. PVC Door and Window Profiles Producing Plant 2004 Test production has been completed on July 3, 2004 and started production in real terms. Provides PVC window and door systems with a network of dealers throughout Turkey and regional offices in Marmara and Denizli. New series have been prepared in line with the demands and needs. PRO5003, PRO6003, PRO6004, PRO7005, PROSUR70 and PROSUR84 series meet the needs of manufacturers, architects, engineers and end users. There are alternatives that can provide the solution for each project. Proline has a laboratory and quality control team, produces faithfully to the quality management systems. Ready Made Doors and Windows Producing Plant Directindustry 2004 It was founded in 2004 in order to serve abroad completely. Keep pace with today’s technology and in order to meet demand, the development continued with new investments and is continuing. It has been moved to Izmir Free Zone in 2013, Ready doors and windows produced with CNC machining centers are exported to many countries, mainly European countries. Decorative Door Panels Producing Plant 2016 We completed the preparations for the decorative door panels production facility and had to operate in 2016. Customizable and rich model options are offered as a complementary product to the door producers without any compromise in quality as it is in pvc profile production.
UNIPLAST PVC WINDOWS AND DOOR SYSTEMS is the subcompany of DUMANKAYA HOLDING,Our company was established in 2004 and has taken an important way to prove the quality of its wide ranged products in a short period of time and was qualified for getting TSE 5358 EN 12608 and ISO 9001:2000 and CE certificates which are the most important documents in their expertise. UNIPLAST CO. adopted the principle of full customer satisfaction had become one of the pioneering and innovative organizations in the sector in a short while with its advanced technology and modern product design. UNIPLAST PVC WINDOWS AND DOOR SYSTEMS has been designed to adapt to all kinds of architectural structures and residances. UNIPLAST CO. achieves the highest quality products for “excellent thermal insulation” in sites by knowing its quality principle that is “The secret of PVC profile lies in the diligence to details” Our company presents “ Uniplast Brand” for the market in its modern facilities located in Istanbul-Pendik. Whatever your expectations are, you will see the perfect harmony of functionality and aesthetics in all Uniplast products that we offer which are suitable for different needs and you will find all the merits you are looking for. Uniplast is on its way to make a significant market share in u-PVC worldwide and wellcomes producers distributors whose number increases constantly and with its models appraciated by worldwide consumers.
Leading PVC window manufacturer of Turkey, ADOPEN was established in Antalya in 1977 with half a century knowledge and experience of Caglar Plastik which is one of the first window manufacturing companies in Turkey. For the purpose of offering fastly to whole market, company spreaded its agent and service network to all around the country thankful of established region headquarters in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Adana and Antalya. Company has became a reliable brand both in Turkey and in the world. Incorporating Plaspen, which is the oldest and leading firm of PVC, to its structure in order to meet requirements of this industry in 2001; company maintained its operations under the name of ADOPEN Plastik Sanayi A.S. in Istanbul. ADOPEN relocated in Antalya Organized Industry Zone, one of the largest industry plants of the Middle East and Europe in 2003. Productions are made in 7/24 hours in shift in ADOPEN plants which have 528 bin m² area and the latest technology and company gives importance to R&D activities.
MYWIN PVC Window & Door System is located in Kayseri industrial zone/Turkey. Since 1996, MYWIN has been in service to its valuable customers in its 25000 metersquare, cutting edge technology production site. You can get more info related to company and its products below as well as its website. PVC Profile Technology The technology of pressing profiles from hard PVC has been developing for the last 30 years. Polyvinyl chloride is an exceptionally durable and long-lasting material. Thanks to this technology, widnows that are made from this material last for many years. PVC is resistant to mechanical damages and atmospheric factors, such as rain, frost, wind, UV radiation, and changing temperatures. Additionally, it has excellent heat-retention qualities and ensures optimal acoustic insulation. Windows made of PVC do not change their shape or color in time and are easy to maintain. Production Thanks to the ease with which it can be made in practically every shape pvc is a perfect compliment for modern and traditional architecture. 
MYWIN company`s modern and fully automated production line, guarantees high quality PVC window frames. PVC Windows Probably the best invention of the window business of our modern time. Advanced technology PVC profile windows are one of the best inventions of the building industry of our modern times. PVC windows are durable, easy to process and aesthetic. If your PVC windows are manufactured properly with the quality materials and assembled by professionals you will have the best result from your windows. Your windows will provide a weather proof, sound proof , dust proof, energy efficient and maintenance free life. ACOUSTIC Insulation Tailor-made noise protection system so nothing can disturb your peaceful world Excessive noise can cause stress, sleep troubles and effect mental and intellectual performance. MYWIN pvc window systems are perfectly designed to reduce sound transmission. Combined with suitable glazing, MYWIN windows can insulate interiors from sound waves up to 40 dB. This easily exceeds the recommended sound-proofing level of 30 dB for sleeping. THERMAL Insulation Shields you from exterior conditions ensuring comfort at home. PVC windows are built to withstand the heaviest weather conditions ensuring comfort indoors. No leaks, no dust, no harmful insects. A perfectly installed Pvc window with the right type of sealant will ensure %100 weather proofing. ENERGY Efficiency Reducing energy loss with energy efficient windows. Saving energy starts from the choice of right windows. One of the ways to protect our environment is reducing the use of energy. A large portion of the energy we consume in our buildings is due to heating or air conditioning. MYWIN windows keep the heat outside the building during hot summer or cold during freezing winter. This way you save resources and significantly reduce your energy bills. MAINTENANCE Free No painting, no fumigating, no cleaning a worry free solution. Maintaining your house can be expensive and time consuming. To protect your windows from weather conditions, harmful insects and most importantly to keep them looking nice regular maintenance is necessary. MYWIN windows offer you a maintenance free window solution. Painting or even cleaning is not necessary to protect your windows.
Our company "KECECI PROFILE CO." is a pvc manufacturer in Izmir city of Turkiye. we are producing pvc product as below; • PVC, 60x60 suspend ceilings, • PVC, 60x300 and 60x580 for Wall coating,